Stephanie Bennett

Colonial Crimes Author

Stephanie Bennett is an Australian author and writer of two published books about unsolved colonial murders : The Gatton Murders, and 
The Murder of Nellie Duffy.

A retired dentist, Stephanie has spent over 30 years delving into the mirky past of Australia’s colonial outposts; through painstaking and scholarly research of the historical records, by visiting locations and by talking to surviving relatives of victims and suspects. 
The result has been enthralling accounts of the crimes, an authentic feeling of life in remote Australia of Colonial times, and most importantly, credible suspects for the atrocities. 

Stephanie has been the subject of many magazine articles and radio shows, she has spoken widely to clubs and historical societies, and she is the subject of an episode of An Australian Story to be aired on Australian ABC1 at 8.00 pm on June the 17th 2013.

Published works:
The Murder of Nellie Duffy - The Compelling Account of a Legendary and Brutal Crime
The Gatton Murders - A True Story of Lust, Vengeance and Vile Retribution
Also the author of:
The Second Son: The Life and Times of Frederic Charles Urquhart.
The Triumph of Evil.
And new in 2013, with access to new historical evidence,  a sequel to The Gatton Murders: 
The Gatton Murders of 1898. Who? Why? And Their Scandalous Escape from Justice.

All titles will soon be available as e-books from a variety of eBook sellers  including Amazon, Kobo, iBookstore and others.